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Meet the Staff at Del Valle Pet Hospital

Audrey HartAudrey H.

Office Manager

Joined Team: June 2002
Pets: Dogs: Shelby, Hennessey, and Roscoe and Raider the cat
Hobbies: Camping, decorating my home, and family time.
Favorite thing about your job: Everyday challenges, learning new things, interacting with clients and their pets.
Favorite hospital memory: The day I got hired after completing my high school program volunteering.

Karen P.karen

Lead Receptionist

Joined Team: November 1, 2004
Pets: Three cats named Pookie, Keely, and Jazu Neko
Hobbies: Music! Cats, Thrift Store Shopping, Swimming, Old movies
Favorite thing about your job: Getting to love on and help people with their pets.
Favorite Hospital Memory: All the love I received from everyone when I returned after a year hiatus.

Mary D.


Pets: Calamity Jane, GSD, 4 cats: Tootsie Pop, McGee, Lenny & Squiggy
Hobbies: Hiking with Calamity Jane, SCUBA, anything Star Wars/Trek or Marvel!
Favorite thing about your job: Puppies!!
Favorite Hospital Memory: Black lab party in the lobby!

Kacey H.Kacey

Veterinary Assistant

Joined Team: May 2014
Pets: Cinder a Border Collie
Hobbies: Hiking, writing, volunteering at the Valley Humane Society, horseback riding, fabricating costumes, movie make-up
Favorite thing about your job: Helping and being a part of the team that takes an incredibly sick animal and brings it back to health.
Favorite hospital memory: Getting hired and meeting “Mobey Dyer”

alexis-wentzAlexis W.


Joined Team: March 2015
Pets: Luna the Sassy Siamese Cat
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, going to concerts, and watching movies.
Favorite thing about your job: Being able to help people and animals at the same time, and snuggling the occasional puppy or kitten. Also being able to comfort the animals and owners.
Favorite hospital memory: Seeing people and their pets leave happy and healthy!

Angelica G.

Veterinary Assistant

Joined Team: September 2016
Pets: Duke the dog
Hobbies: Going on hikes with my dog, spending time with my family and friends, horseback riding, and playing sudoku.
Favorite thing about your job: Getting to meet all of the animals and people. Learning new thing about veterinary medicine.
Favorite hospital memory: Getting into Del Valle for my internship in the ROP high school program then getting hired!

angelica-gonzalezJoanne G.


Pets: Mama Dog- A 6-7 yr old rescue Poi Dog Mix from Kekaha, HI
Hobbies: Living so close to Del Valle Pet Hospital has allowed me to have the time to cook more and explore new recipes. Next up is to deep fry a prime rib! Yum!
Favorite thing about your job: How welcoming the whole Del Valle family has been and being able to fulfill my passion for helping animals.
Favorite hospital memory: A kitty came in with a laceration which turned into a massive wound that had a large amount of dying tissue that needed to be addressed. The staff stayed during the long procedure to make sure this kitty survived. She is now making new tissue and well on her way to recovery.

Luna E.


Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat & 2 parrots
Hobbies: Painting, sketching, playing the guitar
Favorite thing about your job: Being able to assist my co-workers when they need it, and making the pets trip to the vet a better experience.
Favorite hospital memory: Being in a room with nine 6 week old Golden Retriever puppies.


Pets: The staff at Del Valle Pet Hospital
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Basking in the sun, ordering around the staff
Favorite thing about your job: Being the boss, making new dog friends.
Favorite hospital memory: Playing with my co-workers dog Ella almost everyday!

Traci R.

Veterinary Assistant
Bio coming soon.

Alice Q.

Veterinary Assistant
Bio coming soon.

Stacy L.

Veterinary Assistant
Bio coming soon.

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