Receptionist Job Description

The veterinary receptionist’s primary duty to interact with clients and coordinate communication between them and the doctors and assistants. They also must uphold our mission statement: To practice the highest quality medicine, provide and maintain a professional clinical setting to benefit our clients and patients and to create a stimulating, organized and pleasant work environment.

  • Receptionists must possess good critical thinking and problem-solving skills, compassion, a positive attitude, follow-through, and excellent communication.
  • They must be able to multitask, accept feedback, and continually strive to improve.
  • They need to make a good first impression on clients, smile, be professional, and maintain a professional appearance (clothes and attitude) as well as set a positive tone, greet clients and pets warmly, and be attentive to their needs.
  • They must work compassionately with clients in various emotional states and be patient with distressed, frustrated or disgruntled clients.
  • They must be ethical and friendly at all times, even if clients are being difficult.
  • Receptionists open the hospital before doctors arrive and close the hospital.
  • They also prepare deposits and close accounting paperwork, answer and triage phone calls from clients, schedule appointments, contact no-shows, confirm appointments the day prior via phone or the Petdesk app, reschedule appointments and remind owners to fast patients prior to surgery.
  • They also: check in clients, monitoring client flow from check-in to discharge, process payment transactions, monitor schedule and flow. Maintenance of documentation in the electronic medical record including entering all data for clients, scanning faxes, paper forms, etc. into computer. Manage record requests from other hospitals and specialty practices. Relay appropriate information to/from clients to doctors and/or other team members.
  • Client education: Serve as initial source of information to clients, understand vaccinations, basic lab tests, common diseases, and pet behavior.
  • When in doubt, ask questions.
  • Assist in cleaning the hospital including keeping reception desk area and lobby clean and sanitary, taking out the trash and recycling daily, and cleaning floors.
  • Computer skills: Ability to use Windows, Microsoft Word, email, web search, and the practice management software program (Avimark).
  • Perform physical duties including but not limited to: repetitive standing or sitting, walking, bending, twisting, and some lifting up to 50lbs. Must be able to grasp, hold and manipulate objects. Other physical duties include working on a computer/ phone for extended periods of time. Recognize patients with potentially contagious diseases and follow isolation procedures. Be familiar with zoonotic diseases.

To apply, please email your resume to with the email subject as follows – Job Application: Receptionist. We look forward to meeting you!