Hilary, Del Valle Pet Hospital Client

My puppy has become a frequent flyer at the vet, and I have to say we still love this clinic. I have now seen all the vets at the practice and they are each wonderful in their own way. The techs are always happy to see us and give my puppy so much love. Even though he has now learned that the vet isn’t the most fun place to be, the love and care and great attitude of the staff keep it so that he’s literally dragging me to get into the clinic each time we go, and always wagging his tail madly to see everyone. They have recently renovated as well, and the new clinic looks great and is very clean and organized. I love that there’s a separate part of the waiting room so animals can have some space from each other while waiting, and I love that there’s a separate entrance and exit so there are no bottlenecks and awkward moments of dogs coming face to face while going through a door.