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Introducing Baby to Your Pet

Of the many changes a new baby brings to life, it is easy to overlook how this new addition to your family can affect your pets. The bond between pet… Read more

Meet RW, Pet of The Month

Meet RW, a 4-year-old Snowshoe mix cat. He recently came into our hospital for blood in his urine. Dr. Rensink noticed he had severe gingivitis and halitosis, causing his gum… Read more

Signs Your Pet is Overheating

Pets have a difficult time staying cool during the hot summer months. This means they are at increased risk of dehydration and heat stroke. As an owner, it is important… Read more

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Fourth of July

With Independence Day right around the corner, it is important to remember some basic fireworks pet safety. Pet hearing is much more sensitive than humans, making the loud explosions and… Read more

Foxtail Danger: Be Aware of How They Can Affect Your Pets

The foxtail plant represents a hidden summertime danger to pets. Once inhaled, the barbed seeds of these common grass-like plants can travel through your pet’s respiratory system, where they become… Read more

How to Manage Rattlesnake Season When You Have Pets

Rattlesnake season is approaching! As the weather warms up and outdoor activity increases, please remember that rattlesnakes are a potent danger to dogs. Like all cold-blooded animals, rattlesnakes are more… Read more

Pet of the Month: Rocky

Pet of the Month: Rocky

Rocky was born July 29, 2012. He was 8 days old when we first saw him. When we brought him home on September 28 at 9 weeks old he was… Read more

Great Links for More Pet Info

See the links below to read through more information and tips on pet care   If you have questions for your Del Valle Pet Hospital veterinarian, stop by our veterinary… Read more

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